What I do, you can do too.

This being my first Funky Fabulous blog post I feel I should introduce myself and tell you a bit about the things I’m passionate about and which have led me to being my Funky Fabulous self.

It all started in my childhood with playing where I was not supposed to and dragging home things I found that I transformed into fabulous decor for my dolls and the homes I built for them out of discarded boxes and crates. Thankfully, I was always surrounded by Funky Fabulous Females who put up with me. Creative women like my grandmother who was a seamstress working from home, another grandmother who was a florist and business owner, a mother who was always creating great objects and a sister who runs Funky Fabulous creative businesses in Europe. We never had a lot of money but we were determined to create an artistic, rich life from what we could get our hands on.

This started my love affair with Funky Fabulous creatives. Artists, musicians, photographers, cooks, designers and people creating beautiful things and beautiful lives. I wanted to dish on the people and share the things they create that might not otherwise be discovered. Also, quite selfishly, I wanted a place where I can display the Funky Fabulous things I have made out of objects I have rescued from their impending demisebe.

I hope this website will help you discover your Funky Fabulous self.



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