How simplifying helped me lose 35lb.

After a very short trip to Paris last fall and several croissant breakfasts sitting next to a mirrored wall, I realized I absolutely hated the way I felt and looked.

I had a hard time keeping up with my speed walking sister. Sweating and aching and swelling through one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I wanted so badly to find that one very Parisian item of clothing I could wear that would always bring me back to that trip. But with my huge ass and bulbous stomach there was no way in hell I was going to fit into a thing the city had to offer.  As much as I loved the trip I realized was ashamed of what I have done to my body. If I found an invisibility cloak that would actually fit me I would have spent my entire savings on it.

All this time I though I was a fairly healthy eater. Reading articles on clean eating, falling for all the latest quinoa trends, having the occasional salad for lunch. Cooking and conjuring up new recipes. The fact was I was trying it all and it was making me over eat and over indulge in things that were semi healthy.

I put oats in my chocolate chip cookies so that overrides that stick of butter and whole bag of milk chocolate chips, right? The quiche has broccoli in it which absolutely makes it OK to eat the whole thing by myself in two days. After two days it will go bad and we don’t throw away good food.

This was my way of thinking about food. One ingredient overrode the rest. I couldn’t believe doing all this hard work and constant cooking made me gain so much weight. Obviously something was wrong with the Science of Nutrition.

As much as I hate New Year’s resolutions starting January 1st I was going to make a serious change. I’ll show them I told myself, really I was just trying to show myself, but don’t tell any of them, whoever they are.

Someone mentioned Low Carb eating or better known as the Atkins Diet. I looked up what “those people” ate. The no sugar thing scared me but I was willing to give it a try. If the going got tough I could always quit; they would never know, since they were… well just I.

At first I was frustrated with the lack of choices; no sandwiches, no carbolicious sides like pasta, potatoes and rice. Slowly however I developed a simple way of eating around the things I loved.

Every evening I prepare my lunch for work.

I chop up a cucumber and bell pepper which I add to a handful of organic salad greens, I usually buy a rotisserie chicken or some other quality protein to add to the salad. I prepare my coffee on a timer set for the exact time I get up, which also works as part of my alarm clock. I boil eggs and peel them. I slice lemon and pick mint which grows on my windowsill to fancy up my water. I even bought a fancy hipster jar to drink my water from so I can see the pretty lemon and mint floating in there. A few slices of cheese and maybe some almonds as a snack. I eat this 5 days a week. I never think about conjuring up new recipes.

In the fists week I noticed I lost 5lb, then the next week another 7lb. People started noticing. My old clothes, some I never got to wear before because I bough them for that day I would lose weight, started fitting. Most importantly my aches and pains went away and my energy level went through the roof.

This type of diet may not be for everyone but the fact that I feel so much better and I’m not putting any effort into it is a huge benefit to me.

Someone asked me the other day ‘How do you treat yourself?’ by buying new pants my ass looks great in was how I replied.








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