Evil Eye Mercantile

Last week I met with the purveyor of Evil Eye Mercantile, a shop specializing in goods manufactured in the United States by small, independent artisans who share her values of protecting the earth, using natural-sustainable ingredients and charitable giving.

Many of the items Kris sells are hand made in small batches, organic and often vegan and are never, ever tested on animals. The brands Kris sellects are some of her personal favorites, so you know she stands completely behind everything she sells and eveything is of the highest quality. On top of that she donates 5% of all sales back to causes personally chosen by the makers.

I was first introduced to Evil Eye Mercantile through a mutual friend who happened to post a link to a crowd funding campaign for a brick and mortar General Store in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. A store like many of us remember form a time gone by. Where you befriend the person behind the counter and a shopping trip is like visiting with an old buddy rather than a chore you’re trying to rush through.

As soon as I read about the possibility of a such a special, charming shop exsisting I got extremely excited and wanted…no needed, to be involved in helping this happen. I contacted Kris, who I have never met before, and asked her if we could meet up to talk.

We spent a few lovely hours over coffee, sitting on a park lawn happily chatting about her amazing plans and ideas. We discussed how disconnected and impersonal the shopping experience has become. Kris has a degree in Retail and is extremely familiar with this narrative. We both long to go back to a more communal, intimate and engaging experience if we’re going to spend our hard earned money. Instead of just supporting some faceless, nameless CEO of a huge corporation we want to know ‘who, what and where’ when it comes to the things we choose to buy.
I found out the plan wasn’t just to open a General Store filled with beautiful, sustainable products but to create a mindful sense of community between the buyer and the maker by hosting special events such as lectures and maker demos.

Some of the products Evil Eye Mercantile laboriously and attentively currates are handmade by Native American Peoples and support their needs and causes. You can see a small example of some of the items below.

Red Lake Nation Foods – Band of Chippewa Indians – Minnesota. Hand harvested Chokecherry Syrup. Wild Grape Jelly from locally harvested wild fruit. Native American Herbal Tea Co. Victory Tea. This tea was historically consumed by the tribe during Victory Feasts after successful raids of enemy camps, especially among the Crow and Blackfeet Nations. Proceeds from these products go to Sitting Bull College in North Dakota, which among varied coursework such as nursing, education, business and more, also offers a strong Environmental Studies corriculum. 
A.J. Murray’s is a female owned business located in Louisville, KY. Every purchase supports Active Heroes, which works to eliminate the high suicide rates among veterans. They organize national activities, peer support and resources for military heroes and their families.
Nature’s Emporium Cherokee Soap Company located in Taos, NM. The products are made with top quality essential oils and organic botanicals. The soap smells amazing. I bought both bars. 5% of my purchase will go to Native Hope. Their mission is education, suicide prevention and the fight against sexual trafficking of Native American girls.

As you can see here Evil Eye Mercantile isn’t just a run of the mill business but a much needed revolutionary, singlehandedly fighting for the world,  one community and creative individual at a time.

To purchase some truly wonderful products or learn more about the things happening with Evil Eye Mercantile, such as the next upcoming event SAUCED NIGHT MARKET August 11th, 2017 @ 5-11pm at the new HOUSE OF VAN’S – visit the webpage. Evil Eye Mercantile and support the community by giving to A Conscious Consumer’s General Store fund.


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